The Pit Bull of Teachers

February 14, 2013
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Ed Kurth. A grimacing, roaring, monumental man. The varsity wrestling coach. I have heard he’s strict and has a horrible sense of humor, telling jokes at his students’ expense. Math has been extremely difficult for me in the past, and having a teacher like this won’t help-I’m sure I’m going to fail. I have tossed the idea of dropping his class around in my mind since the moment I first saw my second semester schedule. I may be prematurely judging him, but I need to pass geometry this year.

Ed Kurth. An amusing, atypical, extraordinary man. My math teacher. The man who has taught me so much in a span of these past few months. He may be stern and have an unusual sense of humor, but his corny one-liners keep geometry captivating. I can’t help but to pay attention in his class. How anyone could detest this man is far beyond my grasp.

Ed Kurth. An amazing, brilliant, bold man. The man who taught me math can be fun. The man who drilled a^2+b^2=c^2, SOHCAHTOA, and that an ass (angle-side-side) triangle cannot exist, into my brain for the remainder of my existence. The man who, at first, frightened me enough to make me want to drop his class. The man who I will forever view as the best teacher to come into my life.

Ed Kurth is the pit bull of teachers; terrifying at first glance but kind and caring under the hard mask he wears. This man has without a doubt earned the title of my favorite teacher.
Thank you, Mr. Kurth. You have taught me that judging a book by it’s cover can cause you to miss out on getting to know a person who may end up changing your life.

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