Educator of the Year: Mr. Parker

January 14, 2013
By , Cleburne, TX
Educator of the Year: Mr. Parker
By: Ely Roberts

Usually a tall, well built bearded teacher is deemed as intimidating. So when I walked into my first period class and laid eyes on such a man, I was completely taken aback to find that this man, who was indeed intimidating, had a sense of humor. As I continued to attend his class, I found that Mr. Parker also, aside from having a sense of humor, had a very friendly personality and he was extremely patient. I began to enjoy his Algebra I class immensely, even though my recent change in school at the beginning of the second semester left me behind and struggling to attain new knowledge on the subject.
When I asked him about his tutoring schedule one day after school, he immediately sat down with me to see what the problem was. It turned out that my Algebra class at my previous school was significant ways behind my new one. So, tutoring commenced, and as it did, I learned that Mr. Parker cared more about his students than himself. This was apparent to me as I continued to attend tutoring with him, and our sessions went past 5:00 sometimes. As I continued to attend tutoring, I began to learn more and more about Mr. Parker. I learned Mr. Parker and I were very similar. We both enjoyed the same video games, comics, movies, music and TV shows. We also happened to see eye-to-eye on many different things.
After tutoring ended and I was all caught up, I began to relax a bit in class. I became more observant and my observances brought about even more realizations to how Mr. Parker taught class, and treated his students. He treated each student the same, regardless of age, race or gender. It then dawned on me that Mr. Parker was one of those rare better-than-average teachers that come around once in a blue moon. His lessons were extremely interactive and his use of modern day analogies made even the most complicated of things simple.
Aside from his sense of humor was also a rather serious side, a side that showed he cared, but in a much serious manner. He would never let me or any other students give up or say, “I can’t do it.” Mr. Parker put some much into teaching, and it was all for us, the students. Mr. Parker has just the right traits that make an excellent teacher. Mr. Parker is, to me, more than a teacher. He is a role model and not just for me and other students, but for teachers as well. Mr. Parker’s inability to be an average teacher is why I will always remember and appreciate him.

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