Ms. Luy, thank you, for a lifetime

August 12, 2012
By Nguyenkhanh SILVER, Ho Chi Minh, Other
Nguyenkhanh SILVER, Ho Chi Minh, Other
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“I’m selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.”

If there was one teacher who have caught my trust, it would really be my first teacher since I came into the world of education, Ms.Luy. Being a naturally emotional child, ill-tempered as I am, baffled by strange buildings, friends who never noticed me, even on my first day. To tell the truth, everyone had began a child, and every child therefore needs a place to place their unconditional, untainted innocence upon- Ms.Luy was that person. I remember, I was in one of those make-believe moods, dancing to my heart’s content on the school’s courtyard, then switching into drama, then into memories, quite a dreamy little boy indeed! Be it a scene from an old Chinese show, or an old Vietnamese song about a lady who was waiting for her lover, even cooking! It was from this very moment, that society crept into me, as someone, another boy- completely unknown to me, hit me with his skipping rope from behind. I was in tears. I don’t remember he saw his fault or not, but I did fell in tears. This was my first scar, foretelling a series of broken smiles about to come. I walked to my classroom, cynicism was clear and existing- then, someone stopped me, caressed me, naturally, I looked up.

It was her, Ms.Luy.

How all art praise delicate moments like these! How it had melted the heart of Leaders, marked as their foundation. She wiped my tears, leading me outside to reconcile with the boy, giving him a gentle lecture- he handed me the rope, and I dropped it down on her request.

For my readers, it is magnificent, as it took me all these times to ponder memories like these, to search their meaning. It was simple- forgive, she taught me how to forgive. I didn’t understand back then, I too, fled away with her instruction, went back to my own world, making another episode of impossible nasal singing! She had provided me with solid concrete for me to stand on later emotionally. She knew her students very well, carefully nurturing her students day by days. When I refuse to sleep at daily nap times, she cared for me, making me feel at ease. One second mother she is to me, spiritually!

Mind me, I haven’t mentioned her name alone strikes an amazing analogy of herself! ‘Luy’ echoes of a line of bamboo trees in Vietnamese, her calmness, kindness fulfilled these qualities with no hesitation.

Oh readers, I don’t know how Lady Fortune or God have done it, but magic comes yet again, on that same week. It was the end of my first week, being a young, naive child, foolishly followed her to a strange bus- my father was drowning in work, thus his timing was very late! It was nightfall, the benign darkness begging me to go with her. She turned around and saw my shy, shrunken face, her bus was filled with other children of my grade, ready to go somewhere, I thought they might take me home through trust. They weren’t, they were going to an optional tutoring class after school. She saw my utterly feminine face, one new fish in a big pond, a toddler in a pack of wolves I suppose! She carried me along. She dialed my family with my father picking me up later on.

It was at this class that her humanity was opened up to me further, not that she had changed, but a chance to see her unconditional love showering on me every day. In truth, I knew not a single Vietnamese word in any form back then, knowing how to speak them, not writing or reading! To my family, it was a despair! How cynical that was, it never appeared to them that I knew the language, for it was already forged into me when I speak to them, play with them. However, a curious gate in my head broke open for this woman, it said: “ It’s time to open.” And Ms. Luy was welcomed to my soul. My childhood odyssey had opened it doors, at last.

They have always been utopian. One dream come true for my family. I never seek to learn the language, she taught me that it is a part of me, merged ever since I was brought upon this beloved Earth. She had imparted onto me her simplicity. Look for yourself my dear audience! Look at this english that you’re reading! Although I’m sure there are going to be flaws, which will only demonstrate my mortality, my human nature- English, is no longer a stranger, it have its own property in my world.

At times, she is stern, at times, she is Maria dancing around in Salzburg along with the Von Trapp, with us as those children! Her face is worn by time, in fact, she had retired as I am writing this. She told me, for over thirty years she remained a teacher of first grade. Her staunch loyalty for this job, is definitely at odd!

This boy, who used to shed his tears daily, who never sleep when told, who followed his passion like one burning candle. Along this journey, I must have taxed her greatly- Not only that, she had turned them all, into lessons for my future!
She had earned her praises not from being a teacher, for every teacher alone, any experience they may make, can be churned into light- but for her unconditional love. She made love out of nothing, did more than mend a crazy child- she had provided me a lovely gift!

For Ms. Luy, a charming teacher, I will visit you again, for sure, our roads must cross again someday, somehow, somewhere!

The author's comments:
We will meet again, surely, no matter where you may be in this world! We are friends for eternity, you had helped water a seed in me. So it's my turn, it's my turn. Ms. Luy, i do hope so!

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