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April 29, 2012
By minkar52 BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
minkar52 BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
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Everyone has some type of role model or someone that they look up to in their life. Someone who sets good examples has character, someone who you want to be like when you are older. But is there anything that all these role models have in common? Yes, all of them have to have some form of leadership, because without it they would not be as good of a teacher as they are now; I probably would not be writing about them right now. This is why I am choosing Christopher Sanna as my EOY nominee. He was my 8th grade Social Studies teacher, and I’ve never had a better time with social studies before, and don’t think I ever will in the future. He has the character, the humor, the knowledge, and most importantly the leadership to be a very phenomenal teacher.

While I was in his class for a whole year, he taught me more than just Social Studies. He taught me three things that would help me throughout my school career. One of them was being respectful; I learned this from him because we both knew he was laid back and nice to me. But sometimes I took it for granted and he told me that just because he is more laid back with me doesn’t mean I can screw around during class. This was not in a nice conversational tone either, so I actually listened because I didn’t before. This only happened about twice during the whole school year. On the other hand this didn’t only teach me respect, but a lot more self-control. But not just in his class, in all of my classes. And just by doing this, I did a lot better in all of my classes. Also, the last thing is that while I was doing this, I was setting an example and being a leader for the other students. And this was all from my 8th grade social studies teacher.

His class was one of very few that I had a lot of fun in and did well. The things he taught he put them into life situations and made them more interesting by asking us questions throughout classes. Also this was only his first year teaching and we had a lot in common. I play a lot of sports and so did he when he was in High School. So I actually could have a conversation with him about something other than school. And that was a privilege because I couldn’t do that with any of my other teachers.

Last year I was in 8th grade and I’ve had a lot of teachers so far. And I would consider him one of the best teachers I have ever had. Whenever I needed help with homework, a test, or a quiz he told me come up during lunch and he helped me study and made sure I was prepared. Also everything we did in class, I wasn’t bored with it because he made them more engaging for us. And since we did that and took some notes that he went over, I hardly had to study for the tests and quizzes. Another thing I liked was that he had complete control over the class, sometimes it got out of hand but he fixed it right away. So I think that helped us a lot in his class.

When the school year ended I thanked him for a great time in his class but never really went into detail about it. One thing I would thank him for is keeping us engaged and under control, another would be keeping me in line and teaching me more than just Social Studies. And the most important thing is having fun because things will turn out a lot better if you do.

The author's comments:
This teacher is one of the best ones i have ever had, thats why he is my 2012 EOY nominee

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