Mr. O'kneski

April 29, 2012
By madisonduquella BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
madisonduquella BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
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Mr. O’kneski or as we like to call him Mr. O is one of the best teachers I have ever had. He was a little intimidating the first day of school, but he is really just a big jokester once you get to know him. He might be hard on you in the beginning but he is really just having fun.

When it comes to Mr. O’s class, everyday is completely different. Whether he is having us watch a video or listen to one of his famous lectures. His teaching style is definitely different then most, which I like. Everyday we watch a video on current situations around the world. After the video is over we discuss it in class, talk about what we think the people involved should do and what they shouldn’t. Its awesome to be able to state your own opinion in class and not have to worry if the teacher will say that you are wrong and give you bad grade or send you out of the class because of it.

In his lectures Mr. O will teach us and then he will give us modern day examples and how they affect us today. After that the class discusses on how we agree or disagree on certain topics. There always has to be a why. You need to have a reason behind your opinion or Mr. O will go one to the next person.

When I used to think of politics, or the government in general, I would want to fall asleep. But now its actually really interesting and fun. Mr. O taught me how to like it. I was able to make my own opinion, even if I did disagree with Mr. O, on how I think our government should be and what they should and should not do. If I needed to I could carry on a conversation with someone about politics and current events and I will actually know what they are talking about.

In the end Mr. O is one of my favorite teachers. Mr. O is unique, in a good way of course, and is a very good teacher. I have many more reasons why he should be Educator of the Year but the list would go on forever.

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