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April 29, 2012
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Mrs. Pisani is a great person with a good personality, but to me she is an even better teacher. There are a lot of things I admire about my teacher, Mrs. Pisani, but her personality is the main thing. She is very down to earth and a nice person. When one of her students needs help she is always there to assist him or her. She is very kind. She never yells at you for getting an answer wrong. It is hard not to yell and get upset with your students, especially high school students who think they know it all, but she keeps her cool. When one of her students is not getting the concept of something she is teaching, Mrs. Pisani will go out of her way to try to explain it even more to that one person. Although this is my first year with this teacher, she has already taught me so much, and I admire her for that.

Mrs. Pisani is my math teacher. I understand the way she teaches because of how she does it. She teaches in a way that lets her student understand what she is saying. She does not use words we do not understand. Every time she teaches a lesson, she teaches it the same way each time. She uses the Smart Board to put up the notes, and we copy down the important ones. Then she will give us some practice problems. Mrs. Pisani will not finish a lesson until everyone comprehends the material.

Some teachers will give you a test every week on new material, but in math class we will not have a test until it is clear to her we are prepared for what will be on it. She will give us several practice problems while learning the new things, and when it comes time to take a test we feel like we hardly had to study. On Mrs. Pisani’s test, you will find everything she has taught us. She will not put anything new, but will include every little thing she taught. I do not find her test to be difficult because of the way she explains things to us in class. It sticks with me. She has that certain thing that will help you as long as you pay attention while she teaches.

In my opinion Mrs. Pisani is a great teacher and has taught me so much throughout the year. I have had a lot of really good teachers, but the way that she does it is just so much easier for me to understand. I have gotten good grades in math in the past years, but I can not tell you what I actually learned. When Mrs. Pisani teaches, she does not make us memorize things, she gives us a reason for why things happen the way they do.

My math teacher is the best math teacher anyone could ask for, and that is why I choose her to be the educator of the year in my eyes. Not only is she a great teacher but she has a really outgoing personality and makes learning fun for me. I actually enjoy going to her class. I also chose her because no one has ever made me enjoy doing math until this year.

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