Linda Brizendine

April 30, 2012
By Jake Bialecki BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
Jake Bialecki BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
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Linda Brizendine is an outstanding teacher, well passed good enough for the Educator of the Year award. She is a teacher who puts in extra time of her own for the good of the students. During a new lesson, she goes into detail about what we are learning, and even how it can be used later on in life. She sets a good pace in learning to make sure all of the students understand what is going on, and if they don’t, then she offers help after school.

Whenever I am having trouble with math, I know all I need to do is talk to Mrs. Brizendine. It seems that all my questions have an answer from her. She always offers help when I need it, whether during a free period or after school. She gives up her own time just to make sure that her students are doing well. During class, if you are having trouble, she will make up problems and break them down to make them easier.

Mrs. Brizendine is a teacher who has experience in a work field that uses math all the time. This helps her to tell us how things that we learn can be used later on in that job. Math is used all around us even when we don’t realize it and she helps show us the importance. Learning higher math just makes everyday problems easier to solve with a quicker and more efficient approach. She is always good at connecting real life situations with math.

Mrs. B teaches at a pace that moves along fast, but is easy enough to follow. If you pay attention during class, then everything comes easy. Her teaching methods are good enough for anyone to follow, and she takes us step by step through the lesson, and only uses the book as a reference. She knows the background of math and knows it by heart, so teaching it to us is just like sharing knowledge, and she is a very good sharer.

I think Mrs. Brizendine should win the Educator of the Year award because she is the most selfless teacher I know. It seems like everything she does is to help us become smarter and understand math better. She always puts in her time to make sure everyone knows what to do. All you need to do is ask her, and she is available to help always. This is the makings of a great teacher, and she is a perfect example.

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