gunnery sergeant Lemke

April 30, 2012
By zachstraz BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
zachstraz BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
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Not talking in Gunny's class isn't optional, even if he's out of the room most of the time he can
still hear everything in the class, and you if he hears you, you'll be doing some exercise. Gunnery
Sergeant Lemke is a retired Marine who teaches Naval Science for freshman. In his class no matter how
slick you think you are, he'll catch you and call you out. He also tells may interesting stories about his
years in the Marine Corps and the many places he's been stationed at.

Gunny is a very honest instructor, you can count on if you ask a question you're going to get an
honest and truthful answer not some answer that doesn't make any sense. Furthermore Gunny's not
one of those teachers that says good job blindly to everyone when they turn in tests, he might look at it
and if you did bad he might ask something like "didn't study did you," or in the case of homework he
might say something like "I can't read your chicken scratch."

Gunny is a very positive instructor, not one day this year have I gone into Gunny's class and he
was mad or had a horrible attitude, he comes in with the same positive attitude every day. He's never
taken his anger out on us, he knows every class is a new class. Also whenever he tells stories he never
tries to stress negative things he tries to stress the positive things.

On the other hand Gunny can be funny at times like every once in a while he'll jokingly pick on a
few kids and make fun of them a little bit. Also sometimes if you ask him when a particular event is
going to happen and he doesn't know when it's going to happen he might say "the second Tuesday of
next week." Lastly if you forget an item on your uniform and you say "I left it at home" he sometimes
says " that's a good place for it," he also says this if you forget your home work and use the excuse "I left
my homework on my desk."

I think Gunny truly deserves educator of the year. I've learned so much beneficial information
from gunny because he teaches more than just what's in the textbook. Also I believe Everyone has
learned just as much from Gunny as I have, he is the true definition of a great teacher

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