Gunnery Sergeant Lemke EOY Nomination

April 30, 2012
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He may not have had an impact of everyone’s life, but he definitely did on mine. He is a United States Marine. He has taught us a lot this year so far with lessons from our textbook and the stories of his life as a marine. Everything I learned from him will help me in my future because I am going to be a marine as well. His name is Gunnery Sergeant Lemke and he is my naval science teacher.

Gunnery Sergeant Lemke, also known as gunny, is the most honest person I know today. He once told us a story in which a higher ranking marine had to take a PT test for something important. Well, he didn’t really feel like taking the test so he came up to Gunny because gunny was running the test. He said to him to just lie and say that he took it. Gunny refused because he did not want to lose his integrity. This may have caused other marines to think of gunny differently, but gunny did not care. Gunny was happy with his decision and kept his integrity in which every marine should do. True marines never lie. I think that Gunny is a great role-model for others. He taught us a life lesson the day we heard that story and I will never forget it.

Another thing I will always remember about Gunny is his great attitude. He came in everyday with a good attitude. He is always in a good mood. He tells us that all his problems at school stay at school and all his problems at home stay at home. If we ever do not understand something, he is always glad to help us until we know what to do and how to do it correctly. He is always motivating us and telling us to never say can’t. Any question we have, he has an answer and he is always happy to tell us.

The big impact he had on my life was every lesson he has taught us. Every topic we have talked about in class has been very interesting to me. We always learn about military related topics and learn about things such as leadership and the qualities of it. We learn how to drill has a squad and platoon and this is a very big thing in my life because when I go to boot camp, and everyone else is just learning how to do a movement in drill for the first time, I will remember the first time I learned that, from Gunnery Sergeant Lemke in the 9th grade. It is always good to learn early. It will help me feel more confident during boot camp. He also has us memorize the general orders to the sentry. These general orders have to memorized as well during boot camp for the navy and marine corp. So this helps anyone who wants to join the navy or marines too.

Overall, Gunnery Sergeant Lemke is just a great person. He is a role-model and very honest and teaches us a lot throughout the year that can be used to help me in my future as a United States Marine. He is a great person to nominate for Educator of the Year.

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irishdancer97 said...
May 1, 2012 at 6:41 pm
Great Job! I love when teachers tell memorable life-lesson stories. I'm glad you included that one :)
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