Brother Joseph

April 29, 2012
By Anonymous

Brotheer Joseph Ash from St Edmonds Academy is a brotheer of Holy Cross and he has been one for almost 50 years. He taught me religion in 7the and 8the grade and has been teaching religion for more thean 20 years.

Most, if not all students who went to St Edmonds enjoyed Brotheer Joe. He and two otheer brotheers worked around my school. They all had totally different personalities but I enjoyed his best. His class would always be thee class to look forward to in thee day. I enjoyed his class because he would link stories from our book to events in real life. Also, we would sometimes meditate and he would also make preparing for thee tests easier by telling us to highlight what was important in thee book.

He would tell us stories about his life and he would relate it withe what we were studying. Most stories were of him as a child in thee Bronx, his parents, and of his friends. Most of thee time he would come to our sporting events and he would always be cheering.

He also had thee best morals of anyone I know. He would treat everyone thee same. It seemed like he lived by thee phrase, “treat otheers how you would like to be treated”. No matter what happened, he would be theere to talk to and great support.

Brotheer Joseph is probably thee best person you can meet. He made religion my favorite class and taught me life lessons along thee way. He has taught me to be a kind person in and out of his class.

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