Mr. Green

April 29, 2012
You ever looked forward to going to a class at 9 in the morning? On a B day at DMA that’s the case for me. I love Mr. Green’s business class. He teaches business finance and marketing which isn’t very fun, but he makes it my favorite class in school. He’s so nice and lenient to his students and understanding. There isn’t one freshman in the school that complains about having to go to his class like we constantly do for so many others. And most important of all, his class is a lot of FUN. That’s right; I said a class at school is fun! That’s because it’s true.

Mr. Green as I said is a businesses teacher. Now, normally business classes deal with lots of boring exercises that are time consuming and mind numbing. But in his class we get to do creative things like walk around the class room and decipher a paragraph on the Smart Board. Also, his teaching methods are adored by many student, he lets us use the computers for research and all of our assignments, unless were taking a test. Besides teaching he also has an unbelievably warm and kind feeling about it him, and his sense of humor can turn the worst of a day into the best of one for that one glorious period, B-2.

Mr. Green can always be found outside his door in the morning greeting students and always telling a funny joke. Every now and then you might even be lucky enough to hear one of his many classic movie lines. His warm and inviting attitude actually makes you want to walk in his class room and sit down to learn. As I briefly mentioned, he is unbelievably lenient with his students, for instance I was in the hospital all week and he gave me 5 days to study for the test and work I would have had 2 days for in any other class. This is also why his class is enjoyable and fun.

Fun, bet you never, ever hear that word from a student’s mouth at school any time of day. But in Mr. Green’s class it never ends. Normally we have a few creative exercises and things to do, but then we get to use the computers for fun. There are tons of websites with games on them that we are allowed to go on at school. Now you see why his class is fun, games in school! What other teacher ever let you do that besides when you were in pre-school? When I walk out of first period, there’s a smile on my face, because I’m headed to Mr. Green’s class.

I wish I could name all the reasons why I do look forward to his class, but I don’t have the time to right a book at the moment. His unconventional teaching methods work, and are enjoyed by the students. His kind and inviting attitude makes you feel that your at home when you in his class room. And, for once I and the other hundred fifty freshman at DMA have real fun in MR. Green’s business class. For one amazing and glorious period of 80 minutes, every thing melts away and school because more like a playground of learning. Thank you Mr. Green.

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