Mr. Fisher an EXTRAordinary Man

April 29, 2012
By Jordan Matic BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
Jordan Matic BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
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When you hear “Mr.Fisher”, you would think it’s an ordinary, ho-hum name. You would think it’s a name from a TV show or maybe even a made- up name. But to me, it’s an EXTRAordinary name. Mr. Fisher was the principal and a math teacher at Saint Matthew Catholic School. He made my middle school experience a very memorable one. As a matter of fact, he played a huge part in making my 8th grade year my favorite.

Mr. Fisher is a man of many traits. When I think of Mr. Fisher, the words Kind, Friendly, Humorous, Fair, and Intelligent come to mind. Mr. Fisher would always greet you with a “hello” or “good morning.” He could make you laugh easily as well. He would send misbehavers away with a “Goooodbyyyyye” and pointed to the far end of the lunchroom. He also used statements that rhymed and some old English here and there. For example, he would ask a student, “Why art thou talking?” Mr. Fisher was a great multitasker. He not only took the role of principal, but as a math teacher. That is a lot to do and I respect him for that. This leads me to my next point which is why I will remember him.

Mr. Fisher was very involved with the school. He was at several of the schools’ events. He actually had some roles in a few of the school plays. He knew every student’s name as clear as day. One of my favorite memories of him is when he started a fundraiser, and once we raised a certain amount of money, he went up onto the school roof using a fire truck ladder and stayed there the whole day in the blazing heat! To top it off, he stayed up there overnight! Lucky for him he brought some water ice up there with him. A news crew was there to interview him too. It was a very interesting motive to participate in the fundraiser, but totally worth it.

I actually learned quite a lot, not only from my academics, but from Mr. Fisher. Students felt comfortable conversing with him, and could joke around with him without crossing the line. If I work with kids in my future career, Mr. Fisher gave me an example of how I should be. Classmates would sometimes mimic his famous “Gooodbyyyyeee” for fun, so obviously, he impacted other students too! After graduating from 8th grade, all my fellow classmates mentioned at least twice how much they missed Mr. Fisher and could just repeat the year one more time.

This EXTRAordinary man is no ho-hum “Mr.Fisher”. I don’t imagine that it’s easy to be respected by so many people. It would be interesting to hear who impacted his life and to be the wonderful person who he currently is. I know that he is currently a math teacher at St.Marks. I can’t express how lucky they are to have him. Hopefully everyone is quiet during his classes because “if they be a’talkin, then they’ll be a’walkin.”

The author's comments:
6th through 8th grade were my favorite years thanks to him!

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