Miss Cambron, English teacher

April 29, 2012
I knew coming into eighth grade that it would be a long, yet very good year. I knew that it was my last year with my friends, and last year before the big stretch in high school. There were always about a billion things going through my head as I walked into my first class. What would it be like? Will I have a nice teacher? Well needless to say, I had one of the greatest teachers I had ever had. I am currently a freshman at the Delaware Military Academy. I am nominating my eighth grade English teacher, who was then Ms. Cambron, now Mrs. Beck because she is definitely the best teacher I had that year. She taught me so many important things while I was at P.S. DuPont Middle school, and I can honestly say, that was one of my favorite classes I had all year.
Ms. Cambron is the honors and college prep English teacher at P.S. DuPont Middle School in Wilmington, Delaware. Her class was held in a laid back yet tight manner. She would never let anyone get away with giving her an attitude and could always stand up for herself or any student that was being backfired at. She of course had very high expectations, being that we were her honors class, but she of course wanted the best for every student she taught. Ms. Cambron is an extremely nice person that has her tomboyish ways. She wasn’t your typical girly-girl, but that’s what made her even more interesting. She loved to shoot guns, and go fly fishing with her family and do all these things that made her even more interesting. She was always liked by practically every one I ever talked to about her.
The first day of a new school year is always a nerve racking day. Seeing your old friends that you’ve known for so long, and even meeting new ones is always the greatest part. However, knowing you’re having new teachers that you have heard so many different things is the hardest part, the first class of the school year, even harder. My English class was the first one of the year. Walking in was a tad intimidating because you really didn’t know what to expect. However, once Mrs. Cambron began telling us about her, it became even scarier. I could tell that class would be hard, just from day one and I remember looking over to my best friend and saying, it’s going to be a very hard year. Another thing I remember was her seeming pretty strict, but very nice at the same time. After Ms. Cambron introduced herself I remember the first thing she told us about herself was that she owned guns. At that point I panicked because I could’ve sworn she would be insanely strict. Well as the year went on, that completely changed. I realized she was the nicest teacher I had ever had, almost like second family to every student. I knew she was different than any other teacher I had ever had, but this was a great thing. My parents couldn’t have liked her any better. I remember them coming home from a parent teacher conference and telling me that she was probably one of the nicest people they had ever met, even if she had a stricter side, it got things accomplished fast.
Now a day, you meet some very rude people. Not everyone’s nice; however, practically everyone in my class treated Ms. Cambron with the highest level of respect possible. You can’t be loved by everyone, it’s a fact. However, I never heard any of my classmates saying anything bad about Ms. Cambron. I swear almost every person I’ve met that has had her or has her now loves having her as a teacher. As a student at any school, you will almost always hear about the teacher from students who had her previously. I was always very close to the students who were a grade above me so they would always tell me about Ms. Cambron. I can honestly say I never heard anything but good things about Ms. Cambron. They always had positive things to tell us about and they all loved her. There are so many memories that I have just from that class, I probably couldn’t fit them all in one recommendation. Ms. Cambron had a very unique way of teaching us vocab. When she would have us grade others papers, she would throw out the highlighters to us, just because she could. Ms. Cambron also came up with a vocab game for extra credit where you would figure out the words definitions to create a large puzzle, and I can honestly speak for anyone in my class who participated, we learned the most from the vocab games she gave us. She would always keep us updated on her daughter, Elizabeth, who I swear is a carbon copy of her. She would always tell us stories of her going shooting with her family and about her in a Renaissance Carnival. Ms. Cambron is the coolest teacher I have ever met.

You can’t always have all amazingly perfect teachers because face it, no one is perfect. I am truly grateful for having Ms. Cambron as a teacher because I learned so much from her as a teacher in everything she taught me. She constantly reminded us of the importance of doing well and I believe she is part of the reason I have been so successful in school. She understands her students and how they work and cope best and she was always willing to do what was necessary to teacher her students. She is honestly the coolest teacher I have ever met and remains one of my favorite teachers I have ever had. This is why I believe that Ms. Cambron, now Mrs. Beck, should be the teacher of the year.

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