Mrs. Beattie

April 29, 2012
There are always a few teachers in a student’s life who stand out more than the rest. These teachers are the ones who make you laugh and make every class enjoyable, but at the same time you still learn something new every class. These teachers are the ones who you will probably remember long after you graduate from high school and college. I have loved a lot of the teachers that I have had throughout my years at school, but one teacher that I had in 8th grade is at the top of my list. That teachers name is Mrs. Beattie, and she is who I am nominating for Educator of the Year.

Mrs. Beattie was my 8th grade Grammar and Reading teacher at my old school, Red Lion Christian Academy. I’m not going to lie, I was a little scared of Mrs. Beattie at first, but that all changed after I went to my first Grammar class. She was really nice and funny, and I loved going to her class. Even though I had her class twice a day I never got bored of it. Every day I was learning something new. She really cared about making us all better writers, and I think that by the end of the year she had taught us all of the skills that we needed to become better writers.

Mrs. Beattie absolutely loves grammar. She knows every single rule there is to know about it. Every class she was correcting someone because their sentence wasn’t grammatically correct. I would say “funner” often and every single time she was there to tell me that “funner” was not a word and that the correct way to say it was more fun. Now every time I am about to say “funner” I stop myself and make sure I say more fun, just for Mrs. Beattie.

I loved having Mrs. Beattie as my 8th grade Grammar and English teacher because she was so nice and funny and I really respect her. Not only did she make me laugh every single class, she also taught me so much about grammar and writing that I am so happy to have learned. She made every class interesting, and she really cares about all of her students. She knows everything about grammar and she could probably look at this paper right now and find hundreds of things I could fix about this report to make it better.

I chose Mrs. Beattie as my nominee for Educator of the Year because she is one of the teachers I had that I will always remember. I miss her a lot, and I am so happy that I was able to have her as a teacher. Because of her I have learned so much more than I ever thought I would, and her class really made my 8th grade year fun. I will never forget Mrs. Beattie and everything she taught me.

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