Mrs. Averell

April 29, 2012
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When you have Mrs. Averell for a teacher, you find yourself looking forward to Science class all day. This can make the day pass very slowly, but it’s all worth it when you get to her class. As you sit and listen to her teach, you realize that there are many things about her that make Mrs. Averell stand out as a teacher. The first is her attitude and demeanor. Next is her desire to help anyone who needs it. And last, is her unique planning of tests and quizzes.

When you first hear Mrs. Averell speak, the first thing that you perceive is her witty sense of humor. Sometimes you have to ponder what she is saying for you to understand the joke. But once everyone understands they can’t help but laugh. Over time, Mrs. Averell will develop a relationship of some kind with every student. She gets to know you and you get to know her. Some relationships are better than others since there are always difficult or distracting students. But Mrs. Averell rarely yells or raises her voice because when she stands before everyone to teach, she demands the full attention of the class. No one is eager to cross her.

When doing an activity with a group, it’s rare to see Mrs. Averell sitting at her desk. She’s usually up strolling around the classroom, looking at students’ work and searching for anyone who might need help. But the help doesn’t stop there. You can come to her class whenever you have time during the day, and Mrs. Averell will explain anything you’re having trouble with and make sure you understand it. However, it’s easy to understand something over time because of all the activities Mrs. Averell organizes for practice alone. These activities are not graded. Everything that she does in her classroom is directed toward making a concept easier for the class to understand.

When a test or quiz is coming up, it’s easy to feel prepared. At the beginning of a new unit, Mrs. Averell gives out study guidelines and she highlights which subjects will be on which quiz. And even if you have studied as much as you could and still don’t get something it’s not necessary to panic. Mrs. Averell will review any problem areas before any test or quiz. She genuinely tries to get you the best grade. She will even attempt to and give you hints during a test or quiz without actually giving you the answer.

I’m sure that after reading this essay, the reader will feel that they know Mrs. Averell a bit better. But her list of attributes is too long to fit into one essay and some things about her are difficult to put into words. It seems that someone has to actually be in Mrs. Averell’s class to truly understand why everyone loves her. I hope that Mrs. Averell is considered for the Educator of the Year contest, but even more than that I hope she stays at the Delaware Military Academy and keeps teaching for a very long time so that many others can experience being a part of Mrs. Averell’s science class.

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