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April 29, 2012
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Not everyone is lucky enough to have a choir teacher like Mr. Smith. Mr. Smith can bring out the talent in every kid even if it’s only a little. He knows how to teach music in a way so that students can remember the words and the notes. Mr. Smith isn’t like all other teachers either. He’s a very talented and dedicated musician, and singer. You may say that he bleeds music notes.

If anyone were to chose one word to describe Mr. Smith, impatient would not be one of them. He constantly works on perfecting songs. Sometimes it will take a day or two to learn just a few measures of music. He sticks in there though. He doesn’t switch out that music for an easier piece or just let that bad part go; he fixes it. Not only does he have a love for music, he loves teaching it. Mr. Smith will stay up until 2 am to record songs for us on the keyboard, making pronunciation sheets, and making CD’s so that groups could practice the music when he is not around.

Mr. Smith is a superior choir teacher and everyone knows it. Each year when we would go to competitions, out choirs scored superior ratings. All of the academic teachers knew how great Mr. Smith is too. If Mr. Smith needed us for a rehearsal they would let us out of class to go. Last year, the chamber choir, which consisted of nineteen 8th grade girls along with a few boys from another group, participated in a competition to be on the radio. The competition was to sing a Christmas carol. We only had two days to learn the song and record it for submission. Teachers knew that Mr. Smith was so great an allowed us to miss multiple classes to go practice. We won too!

No one would ever use the word impatient when talking about Mr. Smith unless “not” was front of it. Supportive is a great word though! Mr. Smith always encourages students to sing on their own in front of the class. He is always super supportive about it. Mr. Smith let everyone know that they did a great job because they tried their best and it took a lot of courage. Mr. Smith truly cares about each and every student and he wants everyone to feel welcomed and meaningful to the choir. He often says “If not you, then who?” it was so show that everyone matters in a choir and that if everyone performs well, it will show.

Mr. Smith was not just a great teacher; is a great person. Students, parents, and other teachers love him because he’s fun, energetic, and puts 110% into the music program. He was always there when I needed to talk to him and he was not just a teacher to me, but a friend. I can say that without a doubt, Mr. Smith is my favorite teacher that I’ve ever had.

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