Best Teacher Around

April 26, 2012
Out of all my years that I’ve been going to school there was one teacher above all others who I liked the most and who I always enjoyed talking to. This was none other than my 8th grade math teacher Mrs. Rubini. I knew her from when I was in 3rd or 4th grade up until 8th grade, when I left my school.

Mrs. Rubini was always a person who had a very cheerful, happy, and fun-loving personality. Many of the teachers that I’ve had over the years weren’t always nice and sometimes might not teach us well enough. But there was something different about how she taught us. She would use different and fun techniques to help us figure out things and if we were confused she would help us by using fun games.

She was also very active in sports games, in school and professional sports. When our school had sports games like football or basketball, she was one of the few teachers who was at every single game. Also, I personally am a huge Flyers fan, and so is she so after every Flyers game I would talk to her about it the next day. That was one of my favorite things to do.

Another thing I liked about her is that she could focus on one person if she had to but still do everything else that she would originally do. If you were having trouble on a certain topic, she would specifically help you in her own time for as long as you needed. I thought that was amazing. One time she came and got me one morning to take a quiz that I kept forgetting to ask her about and when I didn’t understand it, she helped me by doing some examples before the quiz.

Mrs. Rubini was by far my favorite teacher if I had to decide. All these great things are only just a couple of the reasons why too. She was one of the people who made my final year at that school the best one I’ve ever had. I just can’t wait until everyone who’s younger gets to meet her. I also hope that most of them think the same thing I do and end up enjoying their last year at that school.

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