Educator of the Year - Mr. Green

April 26, 2012
On the first day of high school, I wasn’t that thrilled about meeting all the new teachers that I would be having but then I entered Mr. Green’s class. He most definitely fascinated me and made me more excited on the first day of school. Automatically I was excited about all of my future classes with him.

Mr. Green is the 9th grade Business Finance & Market teacher, and a good one at that. We have learned a variety of things this year in his class but what I like is that he makes sure before we move forward; each and every one of us understands it completely. He takes his time to help us if we are having trouble on anything and that shows that he truly cares about our education. Mr. Green is also extremely knowledgeable with business. If a kid is not too fond of what he is teaching, he still knows how to make it interesting and fun.

There are many qualities that I admire about Mr. Green. For one, he is the most positive person I know. I can say that I have never seen him upset or complain about anything. He always inspires me and it has a lot to do with his positive and caring nature. You could never tell if he is having a bad day by the way he conducts himself in the classroom. Another thing he is good at is making every student feel important. He is very easy to talk to and it is good to have a teacher like him that is always there for you. One of my favorite things about him is his humor. Every time I pass him in the hallways he always knows how to put a smile on my face. He has all of the best traits that a person can have.

I find Mr. Green to be a very dedicated teacher in every way. He is always there and he is always willing to make time above and beyond the normal class time to make sure his students understand what he is teaching. I can truly say that Mr. Green has definitely inspired me by watching him as a teacher.

I appreciate having Mr. Green as a teacher to the fullest extent. I have enjoyed every single minute of his classes and I wish they would never end. I cannot explain how lucky I am to have such a great guy as a teacher. He is definitely the teacher that I will always remember through out my whole life and I am happy that it is him. I strongly believe that he deserves Educator of the Year.

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