Mrs. Davis

April 26, 2012
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Educator of the year, well when asked who I thought I would nominate, I knew right there. Mrs. Davis. She is not only my favorite teacher, but she is the most helpful. She taught me techniques that I still use today as a freshman in high school on how to control my ADHD, which means Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. Everyone thinks it is not real but I know and Mrs. Davis knows.

I can think of two words to describe Mrs. Davis, caring and driven. She was given the challenge of me. A kid who just found out he had ADHD and had no clue how to control it. She gave me a squishy ball to squeeze whenever I felt an urge to call out or to just be obnoxious. I remember one class, I can’t remember what we were looking at but, I couldn’t see, so I got up on top of the desk. It was completely disrespectful but Mrs. Davis wasn’t rude or even terribly mean, she just talked to me.

Mrs. Davis inspired me; she inspired me to do better. To be a better, nicer person. She was very rarely in a bad mood also. Whenever I came in her class, she had a smile on her face and I never saw it leave all day. Another thing she taught me was that no matter how bad you mess up, things will always get better and the sun will come up the next morning. Whenever I make a mistake I think about this.

I know she was my fourth grade teacher, but I will never forget her. Mrs. Davis was just an all-around great person; not just a teacher but a person as well. She cares. Every little thing, she cared about which amazed me because why care about little things and big things?

I would just like to thank Mrs. Davis for being such an influential person in my life. All the little things she taught me to deal with my ADHD have helped me progress to where I am now; a freshman at Delaware Military Academy which is one of the toughest schools to get into. I have to admit that I kept that squishy ball until 7th grade and it worked. So for anyone that doubts that they can progress through a problem, keep your head up, work hard, and always strive to do your best.

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