Educator of the Year

March 30, 2012
By Davis Brown BRONZE, Cleburne, Texas
Davis Brown BRONZE, Cleburne, Texas
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I have had many teachers in my High School and Junior High years. I’ve never exactly ever had a teacher I’ve hated or dislike that I can remember. Not saying that a teacher has never made me mad, but I have always had a certain respect for teachers. One of my favorite teachers is a current one I have now Mrs. Bell my current English teacher. I’m not saying that because she who gave us this project. She really has helped in more times than I could count. I think she is truly worthy of this prestigious reward.

Mrs. Bell is one of those rare teachers. She makes learning fun and interacts with the students at our level. Not at some bigger than though level but true amateur understandings and yet makes it challenging. This I believe is truly special because I’ve had teachers who over complicate things and under complicate things. In her years of teaching has found that fine line of just a little bit of both.

Another thing she does is teaches us the fundamental of ELA at our level. She may give us homework like to write poems and essays like this one, but she doesn’t in a sense tell us to dig a hole without a shovel or tools. She also doesn’t just practically do all the work for us. She gives us the tools to understand these things, and if you need help (as I have had many times in the past) she seems to always be here for her students whenever she can be. That is why I think she should be the Educator of the Year.

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