My Second Mother

March 28, 2012
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Teachers are like second parents. For thirteen years, they shape our minds and help us to recognize our talents and goals. To some teachers, it is nothing but a job that pays the bills. But to others, it is their life. Between junior high and high school I have had thirty-six different teachers. Of those, none have made a bigger difference in my life than Mrs. Lisa Benson.
Mrs. Benson teaches Accounting at Cleburne High School. Since the first day I met her (my freshman year) she has helped mold my future. As a freshman, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my life. The first day of class, Mrs. Benson discussed what accounting was and how it correlates to the real world. The enthusiastic tone in her voice and extensive knowledge of the profession made me become interested in an accounting career. Every question I asked was answered with complete honesty and no sugar coating. At that moment, I knew I wanted to be an accountant. The way Mrs. Benson taught also helped me chose the occupation. Having zero background with accounting, I assumed suddenly jumping into it would be rather difficult. Mrs. Benson introduced us to each new element in its simplest form, and then slowly added the details until we understood the concept and every aspect of it. She also never gave up on students who didn’t understand. Mrs. Benson would always hear the student out and try to think of a way to word the lesson that would click in their brains. She constantly listened to our thoughts and opinions and made sure we felt like grownups. Because of Mrs. Benson, I fully understand accounting and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I want to major in it.
Mrs. Benson also coaches the UIL Accounting team. When I first heard about the team, I wasn’t interested in participating. Mrs. Benson encouraged me every single day to give it a shot until I finally gave in. This was all new material to me; therefore I often became frustrated when I didn’t understand things. Mrs. Benson never gave up on me and was willing to explain the problem until I understood. Since UIL is an outside school activity, I spent a lot of time with Mrs. Benson. All of our time together soon turned into us being close to one another. I found myself, and still find myself, often asking her for advice, her opinions, and personal life questions. She slowly became a woman whom I looked up to and admired. I felt like I could come to her for anything and really trusted her with my life. I soon noticed that she treated every student that way. Mrs. Benson didn’t treat her students like animals, but as her own children.
She never became impatient with a student, left him helpless, or made them feel worthless. Mrs. Benson always made sure a student fully understood the lesson no matter the time it took and made sure they had a way for help if it was needed. She also never failed to praise a child, even for the little things. Mrs. Benson’s love and care for her students has made me respect her more than any other teacher I know.
Today, I am a sophomore currently enrolled in Mrs. Benson’s Accounting II class and part of the UIL Accounting team. Mrs. Benson continues to treat her students like her own children and watches out for them, making sure they always do their best. Over the past two years Mrs. Benson has become my second mother and mentor. I learn something new from her every day, even when we don’t speak to each other. If it weren’t for her, I would still be confused on my life plan and overwhelmed with my problems. Mrs. Benson has always been there to remind me what I am capable of and my main goal in life. Mrs. Benson deserves to be recognized for her passion and dedication to her career.

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