New Way of Math

March 28, 2012
By Anonymous

Every school year there are four core classes students have to take science, English, history, and math. Every year all of the classes would be enjoyable except for one, math. This wasn’t because I hated math. In fact I love math, but what made the class dull, boring, and difficult was the teacher. They would always do the same thing every single day. They would tell us the lesson number and give us notes from the book, do some examples from the book and then give us our homework assignment. This got boring and repetitive to do the same thing every day just to learn math, but this changed my freshmen year of high school with I got Mrs. Andrews as my geometry teacher.

Instead of giving us boring work from a textbook she would give us worksheets, which was a relief as textbooks got annoying to carry around. She also had songs for almost everything we did in her class so it was very easy and entertaining to learn something in her class and remember the lesson. Her room environment was also a new change from the standard classroom with bright lights hanging from the ceiling. In Mrs. Andrews’ room she didn’t use the ceiling lights but instead used lamps arranged perfectly to light up the room enough to read and write but not bright enough to hurt our eyes.

Mrs. Andrews is a fun and energetic teacher with, in my opinion, an awesome way of teaching that won’t bore students to death. It is a shame that she is retiring soon but she will always be the best math teacher I’ve ever had.

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