Educator of the Year

March 28, 2012
By , Cleburne, TX
Tonya Andrews teaches advanced geometry and dual credit algebra 2 at Cleburne High School. She is the best teacher ever! Mrs. Andrews is very nice to everybody and makes math a lot more fun. She has been teaching for twenty six years, which is a very long time. next year will be her last year to teach before she retires. She is a very good teacher that actually knows what she is doing unlike a lot of teachers at my school. To help memorize math formulas, she incorporates each formula into a song and sings and dances to the song with us. You never forget the formula that way! She is very understanding sometimes and you can always go to her classroom before or after school if you do not understand and she will be nice and help you with your homework. She also offers extra credit once every six weeks for an extra ten points on your test grade. Usually, the extra credit is to bring something useful for the whole class to use such as batteries for calculators, or pencils for those who forget theirs, tissues during the sold season, or even candy that she will just pass out to the rest of the class! She is very kind and you can tell how much she loves to teach us. Mrs. Andrews also trusts all of her students, which is something most teachers cannot seem to do. She grades our homework on completion and expects you to be trustworthy and tell her if you did or did not do your homework last night. Every body is honest with her too! Nobody likes to lie to her when she is so kind to us all the time. She also teaches algebra at the local community college every Tuesday night, because she loves to teach math that much. Mrs. Andrews is a great teacher and i think she deserves to be teacher of the year!

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