Educator of the Year: Mrs. Perez

March 21, 2012
By Anonymous

How did you feel when a flower touched you? Maybe for some of you, it was soft and gentle. That is how I felt when Mrs. Perez tapped me because she didn’t know my name. That was the first time we met. I signed up for Mrs. Perez’s Community Service class. I always was a neat, organized person, and I knew that community service was the best place for me to be in third period. So, as usual the bell rang to go to third period. I rushed through the hallways, ran down the stairs, and took every shortcut to get to Mrs. Perez’s class. I was so excited that I was going to burst open! I knew that Mrs. Perez had high expectations for me and I needed to fulfill them. I knew that if I did everything right, she would feel like she taught a good class and I actually learned.

Mrs. Perez has always thought of me as “the best student” and “the girl who can do anything.” She always used to pick me to be her assistant in almost anything you could imagine. It’s not like I could’ve recycled more and cleaned up more if it wasn’t for her! It is because of Mrs. Perez that I raised more awareness for cleaning up and doing community service. Every moment of the first term in 8th grade, I had a great time with her.

Mrs. Perez is a person who could do anything. I’m not just saying that, it is true. Here’s why, she creates the 5th, and 8th grade graduation yearbooks. They come out to be wonderful! She is a substitute for teachers who are absent. She teaches English Language Arts, her English is perfect and it is impossible not to get a hundred on the test after she tutors you. She makes fundraisers to collect money for school dances, graduations, and much more. She is the creator of the Student Council. She is the piece that completes the puzzle, that is how much the school needs her. We all as students would be nothing without her, she is the reason we are growing up to be who we are.

As beautiful as a colorful butterfly is Mrs Perez. She is truly a person that can change a student’s life. She is a wonderful inspiration, and everything I do is because of her. She has done so much, that she needs to be recognized. Mrs. Perez as Educator of the Year!!!

The author's comments:
My wonderful teacher, Mrs. Perez ha inspired me all though Middle school, and I want to give back to her by writing this piece.

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