Rick Witte

March 1, 2012
I was never good at math and throughout middle school I had the same math teacher for three years. I struggled to understand the concepts and often was lucky to pull out ‘C’s in the class. I feared this was how high school math was going to be. Until I meet my math teacher Mr. Witte. He made math fun and easy to understand and was always willing to help any student when he could. He cared about the success of each individual student. I hadn’t been feeling well one day, bad Allergies I thought and went to the nurse, who gave me two Benadryl within less than a hour apart. I didn’t realized just how drowsy Benadryl can make you but I would soon find out in Mr. Witte’s 10th hour Algebra class. I remember walking into class already ready so I could go home and sleep. I have my elbow rested in the desk and head on my left hand, taking the notes with my right I remember my head getting heavier and heavier until my arm fell and my head was on my desk and I was out cold. I learned from a friend in the class that the entire twenty minutes I was out Mr. Witte was watching me, making sure I was okay and seeing if I would wake up. We sat in pods in math class and after about thirty-five minutes, of a forty-five minute class, one of my fellow pod mates decided to kick me in the shines hard. Causing me to freak out and chuck my pencil into the air and into the ceiling. I was instantly aware of what had happened. After school had ended Mr. Witte asked me to stay for a minute to talk to him, he was more concerned about me and my health than falling asleep in his class. When I told him the nurse had given me two Benadryl he knew right away that it was just ‘a slight overdose of drowsy medicine’ at school. Now he could have given me a detention or whatever else but he choice to be a bigger person and care more for a student’s health for one day than the being upset about falling asleep in the class. I have always admired him for this and one teacher who showed me teacher can care changed my perspective of teachers. From unreliable, uncaring, you better pay attention in my class and strict, to people who can have a heart and can care about their students on a personal level, as well as want their students to do the best and encourage them to follow their dreams

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