Ms. Janigo is My Hero

March 1, 2012
By Meaghan May BRONZE, Sussex, Wisconsin
Meaghan May BRONZE, Sussex, Wisconsin
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Think creative, crazy, fun, wild...think you. Sometimes walking into class, I just can tell that it is going to be a long semester. But this was not one of those times. Certain teachers make the class worthwhile.
In my experience, there are two types of English teachers. Either they are the completely nuts or they are the monotone talkers who don’t even look at you when they teach. Ms. Janigo was definitely one of the complete nuts.
Right from the start, she made English class fun. We walked into the classroom and she greeted each of us with probably the biggest smile I have ever seen. I could tell right then and there that despite the fact that I was going to have English for two hours a day, they were going to fly by. With a teacher like Ms. Janigo, English class couldn't be long enough.
Have you ever noticed how most adults--teachers especially--are very awkward to talk to? Ms. Janigo has never been hard to talk to. Even now, when I don't have a class with her, I still go and talk to her during my free periods--and not even about school or grades! For example, last time I went into her classroom we talked about her wedding and tattoos...I loved it! We connected as people. And I knew Ms. Janigo cared because she was giving up her grading timed to talk with us. When a teacher can be relatable and actually teach at the same time they are the best kind of teacher.
Not only was Ms. Janigo like a friend to all of her students, but she actually taught us a lot. The main thing I learned in her class was how to be a better writer. Something most people don’t know about me is that I love writing! I have no idea may be because I can always express how I feel without worrying about hurting any ones feelings. But Ms. Janigo helped me develop my writing skills and that is something I will never forget. To me, that is the best thing she could have ever taught me.
With every paper, with every speech, I got more confident in myself. And then finally, I got the courage to read some of the poems I’ve written to my mom (that is a very big deal for me). Without the encouraging notes and comments from Ms. Janigo, I would never have been able to write and read what I have written with confidence.
There is no way I could ever thank my favorite--and most inspirational--teacher enough. Thank you so much, Ms. Janigo!

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