December 27, 2011
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When you are from America and are moved into a foreign country because your soldier parent is stationed there, it can be frightening. You’re shell shellshocked and unsure of what to do and how to feel. Dumped into a school for Americans overseas with teens who have lived in numerous countries and had different experiences. Having someone to help you through this tough time and somewhere you can go to feel comfortable is amazing. She is like a second mother to me and most of her students. This is what make Mrs.Angela Bessau a blessing in my life here at Baumholder Middle High School.

Her hand glide through the air as her legs slide into a diagonal line, trying to portray the image of a ninja. We were discussing the events in the novel we were reading together. When she asked us if we can relate to the book, the instance was getting in trouble with our parents. The room is soon speckled with the lines, formed by outstretched arms of exited students anxious to tell their experience. Mrs.Bessau tells of us when she got in trouble with her parents how her mother was a “fun sized” lady, a bit stern and strict like a ninja. She often tells of her experiences in life and how we can lean from her mistakes. Her stories always intrigue us, her students, and quickly become the favorite part of our day. Addressing topics of a serious nature with a sense of humor makes them more relatable and interesting to us.

Mrs.Bessau finds interesting ways to keep us interested in our school work. She has a project where the students create our own lesson plans and teach the class. We get to teach it however we want to. The best part of this process is presenting, Mrs.Bessau will sit in the back for the room and pretend to be the trouble student. When I was presenting she would continuously raise her hand and say that the other students where looking at her wrong. She then proceeded to take her shoe off and motion like she was going to throw it at the “staring student”. During the presentation parents were allowed to come and watch, sometimes acting like a troublesome teen too.

She is there in the serious moments as well. When you are having a bad day and need comforting. When your parent deploys she is willing to give you some wiggle room with the deadline to your assignments because she understands what you are going through. Through thick and thin Mrs.Bessau is there to brighten your day or lend a helping hand. She is a kind and brilliant teacher.

The author's comments:
Mrs.Bessau has helped me, as well so many other students, in a way that is hard to describe. She is simply amazing.

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