No More Busy Work

December 11, 2011
When it comes to English teachers there are quite a variety and until this year in Mrs. Paul’s class I had no idea what I was missing. Despite the amount of work that I completed this year, it is the knowledge that I have gained that makes this class stand out. This year I’ve learned how to write papers both quickly and effectively, how to read papers and analyze them at the same time, and how to stay on top of multiple tasks at one time. I have been able to apply these skills outside of school and nothing we learn is pointless. All of these skills will benefit my future and will prepare me for the next level of education and I thank Mrs. Paul for that.

Time writing Tuesday used to ruin my morning and the thought of writing about a tough prompt used to horrify me. Fortunately, through the repetition and feedback of Mrs. Paul I have learned to deal with any prompt and be successful. Time writings have become a strength of mine and I look forward to that section of my SAT with Mrs. Paul’s teaching. In contrast to my timed writings, I have always felt comfortable writing essays on research topics or on a novel and I felt as though I was the best I could be. However, this year I have expanded my vocabulary and started using literary techniques to strengthen my papers. Between the addition of these techniques and the repetitiveness of the course, Mrs. Paul’s teaching has improved my writing style immensely.

Staying up late completing homework folders used to drive me crazy as I spent too much time and effort analyzing the essay. However, after an entire year of practice I have learned to analyze and read at the same time. Now when I see a literary device I ask myself questions and figure out the authors purpose. Up until this year I had no idea how much was hidden within the text or how the literary devices improve the quality of the piece. Within the first few months of attending Mrs. Paul’s class I found myself analyzing everything I read and I was no longer struggling with my homework folder. The new method of reading has no doubt improved my understanding of novels and essays, but it has also improved my ability to edit my own papers for unnecessary sentences.

Whether it is a writers choice, a homework folder, or just the next issue paper, something was due in Mrs. Paul’s class at all times and it has made me more responsible. I have learned that it is nobody’s fault other than your own if you are not prepared and the teachers don’t want excuses. My parents have no idea how much work I completed this year and it shows how independent the class has made me. Rather than complaining to my mom about how much work I have to do or forgetting to complete it at all, I have learned to manage my time and finish everything successfully.

Overall this year in English has benefitted me in ways that I would have never imagined and it is all thanks to one teacher. The constant practicing of my writing skills has drastically enhanced the quality of every paper I ever write. Through the new techniques I use while reading I can understand and grasp writing like never before. Most importantly I have finally taken responsibility for my education and I have realized that my success is in my own hands. I do not look back at the previous ten years of school as a waste, but if I had ten years with Mrs. Paul I would be in much better shape.

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