So rarely comes a teacher who inspires so many

April 20, 2011
By Eco1223 BRONZE, Medford, New York
Eco1223 BRONZE, Medford, New York
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The key to everything in life is motivation. If you're not motivated, if you're not driven to do the things that you want to do, nothing is going to get done. If you don't aspire to do something more or to be something more then you're not going to better yourself or the world.

The bell rings. Period after period kids drag themselves to their next class. The bleak, desolate world that is high school continues. That is, until that time comes where kids have Mr. Murray.

Being an educator for 29 years, Mr. Murray really knows how to make class exciting. He is able to actively engage students into his lessons and makes concepts understandable; Learning about the complexities of taxonomy and the differences between Rhydophyta and Chlorophyta would make anyone’s head hurt, but when presented in the manor of Mr. Murray, these concepts become approachable, understandable, and surprisingly, interesting.

He always encourages his students to reach for the stars. He believes every kid has the ability to learn, and consistently supports his students to better their grades in not only his science classes, but in all of them.

In AP Biology, he makes jokes on every topic, making the dreaded “advanced placement” curriculum joyful and understandable. He brings out preserved dead animals to make his lessons more understandable and even humorous. He incorporates PowerPoints, field trips, amazing notes and videos into his lessons so as to ensure his kids understand his lessons.

Science Research is the class where he most certainly shines the most; he constantly debates scientific norms and brings about new project ideas to encourage kids to pursue science and solve world issues. Every day is another class-involved discussion on issues such as researching cancer or researching solar energy- both of which have become successful projects that have been entered in regional science fairs. He also encourages kids to sign up for summer programs, which utilize the summer of kids for beneficial purposes. In fact, he played a chief role in encouraging students to face the town board; his students were successful in permanently preserving what is now the Fish Thicket, a 100 acre land preserve. What he ultimately does it teach kids to think on their feet, to think independently, and to solve world problems.

In his environmental class, he engages in experiential learning by taking kids to a local land preserve. Rather than the typical “chalk and talk” of most teachers, he brings interesting experiments for his students to better understand what they’re learning.

I have never had a person influence my life more so than Mr. Murray. In ninth grade, I was like every other kid, going to school, doing homework- nothing special. Then, one day, after a trip to a local land preserve, Mr. Murray approached me to join my school’s science research class. At first I was wary, after all, why would I want more work? But, with his encouragement, I joined, and it is definitely my favorite class. He has pushed me to better myself. Because of him, I have created videos for various organizations, including one that won my school eighty thousand dollars. Everyday I look forward to talking to him before class even starts. Together, we have created a club which is dedicated to the Fish Thicket. As a teacher, Mr. Murray believes education is a virtue, and so, in Club Thicket, he has trained over 20 experts on this land preserve. These experts serve as tour guides to elementary and middle school children in the community. So, not only does Mr. Murray teach kids, but he teaches kids to teach other kids, to come out of their shells, and speak in front of large groups to spread environmental awareness and scientific knowledge. Hundreds of kids have gone on these tours and are now more aware of local ecology and the significance of the environment.

So rarely comes a teacher who inspires so many. Mr. Murray is, by far, the most compelling educator out there. He’s friendly, relatable, encouraging and consistent. Unlike many, he’s happy with where he is in life. Being able to encourage the citizens of tomorrow is what drives him to passionately carry out every lesson, every day. He even stays after school every day for kids to come and ask questions and get extra help. He optimizes the power of education, and for that, he is definitely worthy of teacher of the year.

The author's comments:
I hope Mr. Murray will be recognized for all the work that he does. He has inspired me to great heights, and I hope this work can serve as some sort of way to pay him back.

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lalagirlxx22 said...
on Jul. 1 2011 at 5:14 pm
Wow! Sounds like an awesome teacher, i wish i had him :)


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