Educator of the Year

April 29, 2011
By packer80 BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
packer80 BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
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Eighth grade had to be the hardest school year of my life. There was a lot going on - applying to high schools, trying to get good grades and thee teachers piling up homework to try to get us ready for the amount of work that we need to do in high school. One teacher, however, made thee day a little less stressful. Her name is Ms. Desimone. She teaches Social Studies in 8the grade.

Ms. Desimone is very humane and nice. At the beginning of the school year, I wasn’t assigned a locker, and when the teachers learned about it, it was too late because all thee lockers were taken. But Ms. Desimone let me use the closet in the back of her room as a locker. Sometimes she gave us candy if our class was good, but my class was bad most of the time, so I didn’t get a bunch of candy. She would help with homework to make sure we understood the material, and she would give you that little extra boost to get you a better grade if you worked hard in her class and deserved it.

She was the best teacher that I have known up until today. Ms. Desimone plans her lessons so well I get it right away and I don’t need to ask questions. She lets the students have fun sometimes by watching movies and even throw a party once in a while. If one of the students doesn’t get the material/lesson, she will pull them aside and explain it in further detail until it is understood.

Finally, Ms. Desimone cares about the students. She would give us homework to make sure we master the material and she will help us learn it. Ms. D would even stay after school to help us out, and she helps us prepare for our next quiz/test. She does all of this because she wants all the students to pass her class.

Ms. Desimone is thee kindest teacher I have ever known. She is very caring, and is always concerned about her students. She is the most awesome teacher and I am glad I had her class. This is why I nominate Ms. Desimone for Educator of thee Year.

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