My EOY Pick

April 30, 2011
By , Wilmington, DE
An Educator of the Year should be someone who makes sure you do your best. Coach Breger is just that. He was my cross country and winter track coach during ninth grade at DMA.

Coach Breger most obvious trait is that he always pushed. Training was almost never easy, and every Monday he gave us a new, harder workout. He didn't slack off and he made sure no one else did either. However, I know he was simply trying to make me and my teammates the best we could be.

Coach also taught me that little in life comes easy. Life is not handed to you on a silver platter. If you want something you need to earn it. To be a DMA cross country runner, I had to exercise with the team.

As hard as training was, it gave me another added benefit. We were training harder than any other team. While other teams ran indoors during winter track, we ran outdoors in frigid temperatures, sometimes even in the rain. This gave me self-confidence knowing I was training harder than other teams.

The lessons coach Breger has taught me are invaluable assets. The self-confidence, urge to do better, and other lessons he has inspired in me are useful in a work environment and in countless other ways. I think coach Breger deserves to be Educator of the Year because of the lessons he has taught me.

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