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April 29, 2011
By marshmellow214 BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
marshmellow214 BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
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I’ve had a lot of good teachers over the years. But the teacher who stands out is Mrs. Chandlee so I nominate her for Teen Ink’s Educator of the Year.
One of the reasons I chose Mrs. Chandlee is she is unique; not many teachers would give me as many chances as she did. She gave me chances when I needed to hand in work late. She was also unique in the way she taught. She had a few different projects that were very fun and different. One was our cell project where we made a model animal or plant cell and the other were a series of roller coaster projects.
I had Mrs. Chandlee for 2 years and the 2 years I had her there were two major projects that I mentioned in paragraph 2. One of the projects I had to do with roller coasters was to build a small coaster out of cardboard. Another we made poster about a roller coaster we got to choose.
The reason Mrs. Chandlee stood out among the rest of my teachers is she would take her time to help an individual. Though I never needed individual help in science, it eased my mind knowing I could get help if necessary.
I think Mrs. Chandlee is a great teacher. She was a great teacher not just because she was nice and smart but also because she cared if we were actually learning. For these reasons I nominated Mrs. Chandlee for Teen Ink’s Educator of the year.

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