EOY Nomination for Ms.Desalvo

April 29, 2011
By Anonymous

I think Ms. Desalvo would be a great candidate for the Educator of the Year award. She is a good teacher even though she doesn’t teach the way most other teachers do. I think that she puts more effort into what she does. I think that she is able to put more emotion into her teaching by expressing the little songs she makes up for remembering some formulas for finding slope and a few other things. She also takes the time to talk to you and more or less try to get to know you.

I also thinks she cares more than most other teachers about giving students a second chance to hand in their work. She would ask you to try and complete it for next class. She also gives you the option of coming after school to get help with the work if you didn’t understand it that well during class.

She makes class more fun too. She makes up games that will help us learn and challenge us to help get better at the problems we are given. We are also able to work with the people around you if you need help.

I also think that she can be very generous allowing students to turn in late homework for a good amount of the grade. The only thing is that she makes you try and do it your self instead of just doing the work for you. That’s why I think she is good at her job too; she is able to explain it without giving you the answer.

But in general she is a very good teacher, who has a great relationship with her students. She usually tries to make class the least boring as it can be. She cares about the students especially if they are willing to try. These are a few reasons why I think that she would be a good choice for Educator of the Year.

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