My Nominee Ms. Andreavich

April 29, 2011
By NicholasL. BRONZE, Middletown, Delaware
NicholasL. BRONZE, Middletown, Delaware
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Hello judges of the Educator of the Year contest; my name is Nicholas, and I am currently enrolled in the Delaware Military Academy. My 8th grade teacher Ms. Pam Andreavich is a very kind and helpful person who I think deserves this title. She is a great English teacher. I believe that she deserves this for how she is ready to help her students and take the time to sit with each one of them to listen to their problems. For these things and more I, Nicholas, think my old 8th grade teacher, Ms. Andreavich, deserves to be a nominee in the Educator of the Year.

Since I know you don’t know this person let me explain who she is for a better understanding. Ms. Andreavich is currently working at MOT Charter School in Middletown, Delaware. She is a wonderful teacher who all the students. She is a great teacher who is concerned about the well being of her students, and I feel the same way about her. She is a very positive person in general with a very kind nature. Her teaching skills are also excellent. When it comes to papers, she would sit down with you and tell you what you need to fix, and she is honest at all times. There is so much more to her; I hope I can tell you just an iota of how great she is.

It may seem that I am over exaggerating here, but this is what I believe any student of Ms. Andreavich would say about her. Why I really choose this teacher over the rest was because of how she has a certain affect on me. This affect just made me want to achieve more than I usually would have. I have seen this own affect with my older brother who was also a student of Ms. Andreavich. When my brother talks to her and tells her about his plans for the future, she never says “no” or “that’s a horrible idea”, she listens and then says that is good, and he should go for it. Ms. Andreavich does give her opinion, but it’s more than her opinion; it is advice given by her to help later on which he takes into deep consideration. This is why I chose her, this is a person who would support and help you when you need it and still be your teacher even after you graduate and pass her class.

What I think this person did for me to choose her was absolutely nothing. I think I chose her because I knew that she definitely qualified for something like this. I believe any of her other students if they entered this contest would have picked her. This may seem to go against the reason why I picked her, since I’m saying she didn’t do anything to be picked, but just being herself I think is enough of what she could or couldn’t have done for me to be the one to pick her to be nominated for this award of Educator of the Year.

I have had a great deal of learning experience from my teacher and I think this essay I wrote is more of a thank-you for all the work she has done. Ms. Andreavich, my 8th grade English teacher, is the kind of teacher that really cares about everyone, and that’s the reason why she deserves this award. Thank-you for your time listening to my essay; I hope you consider my nomination.

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