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April 28, 2011
By Lee.Dunning BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
Lee.Dunning BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
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In 6th grade my homeroom/science teacher was Mrs. Pranczak. She was one of the best teachers I’ve ever had, and she helped me in so many ways. She actually made it fun to learn; I will never forget her.

One of the reasons why I think she was the best teacher was because she would always make sure I understood what we were doing. For example, if I didn’t understand the homework, I could always come to her after class. I could always
come to her during lunch or after school. I really admired this because it showed
me that she cared enough to take time out of her free time for me. I was also never
afraid to raise my hand because she would encourage it.

Another reason why I loved Mrs. Pranczak was because she always assigned
fun projects. We would always experiment with the things we were learning about.
When we were learning about rocks, we would always hold and experiment with
the rocks. Another fun thing we did was dissect frogs. One of my favorite things
we did was build a rollercoaster out of just popsicles sticks and straws. The point of this was to learn and experiment with Newton’s laws. All these things helped me because I am a tactile learner.

The final reason why I loved Mrs. Pranczak was because she helped me prepare for high school more than any other teacher. She would do this by having a no late homework policy. Even though I hated this policy with a burning passion, it really did help me in the long run. Another way she did this was by assigning something every night. Sometimes she would even assign multiple assignments. I think this was the best thing she could have ever done for me.

Mrs. Pranczak was one of the best teachers I ever had because I ever had
because she helped me understand things on her own time, she always assigned fun
projects and helped me prepare for high school.

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