Mr. Lingenfelter

April 28, 2011
By melissapaige3 BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
melissapaige3 BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
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The teacher I believe should get the Educator of the Year award is my fabulous social studies teacher from 8th grade, Mr. Lingenfelter. I will never forget him and they way he taught. He made learning even the boring stuff fun to do. Mr. L would take lessons and make them his own. He would make sure to create them in a way to keep all the kids interested.

When making the lessons, he would make them into huge activities that could end up taking a week to do. The lessons would involve everyone to be thinking at all times, and keeping them interested. Also, Mr. L would never give up on a kid, no matter how much the kid wanted him to. He would remind the class all the time how brilliant he thought the kids were. Mr. L would give you the same respect that you gave him.

We would always get through what we needed to, but they would never be in a boring, worksheet kind of way. Kids would always be excited to go to his class. Kids typically never complained about having to go there. We didn't have that much homework in that class. But we would have tons of projects to do. I didn't really mind the projects that much; I thought they were more fun than doing homework every night the whole year.

My favorite unit that Mr. L taught was the JFK one. Everyone thought it was boring, but I loved it. The unit was two weeks long, and we mostly watched videos and took notes on JFK's assassination. The project that we had to make was on our opinion on who shot JFK and how. We could agree with any video we wanted or just come up with our own theory. Only after we turned in all of our reports did he tell us what he thought happened.

Mr. L was my most favorite teacher that I ever had and will probably ever have. I'll try to go back and visit any time that I can; I will try to keep in touch as much as I can. I think that Mr. Lingenfelter should be picked as Educator of the Year for many reasons, but the biggest one of all being that he's affected so many students in a positive way like me.

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