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April 28, 2011
By AlexBrittingham BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
AlexBrittingham BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
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Hello, my name is Alex and I am writing this paper because I believe that my former social studies teacher, Mr. Robert Lingenfelter, deserve the award of Teen Ink Educator of the Year. I met Mr. Lingenfelter in 8th grade, and I instantly knew he was my favorite teacher. The following is a list of things that make Mr. Lingenfelter the best teacher I’ve ever had.

First, Mr. Lingenfelter (known as Mr. L) was the smartest teacher that I have ever had. Mr. L always knew the answer to any question that any student or administrator had. For example, if it was in the middle of class and you asked him a question about a random topic on politics, or history related, he could easily answer your question and could spend time on that topic with ease. Also, Mr. L knows basically everything about the JFK assassination. Mr. L got me hooked on the assassination of JFK, it is a huge mystery, and Mr. L got every student to do some research on the assassination of JFK without even asking. All of the students he had always wanted to impress him.

Next, Mr. L always lets his students do hands on activities in class to keep everyone interested. The things we usually did were role playing. For example, we did a trial on the assassination of JFK, and my class got video-taped. This experience was really great for me because it allowed me to think of a possible job as a Lawyer when I grow up. During the trial, everyone had a job to take up; I was one of the twelve people in the jury. Watching this trial as it happened, a lot of my peers brought up some good points about the assassination, and to this day, I still look up things about the assassination of JFK because Mr. L got me hooked.

Then, Mr. L was more than a social studies teacher; he was a friend that was always there for you. If you were at school and you seemed sad, no matter whom you were or what grade you were in, Mr. L would always talk to you if you needed someone to talk to. Also, Mr. L always joked around with everyone in class, along with teaching everyone. For example, Mr. L could make up a funny joke about something, as a way to remember specific things that would be difficult. Another thing Mr. L did which was great, was that he made a Ping Pong club which was held every day at lunch for whoever wanted to be in it. The Ping Pong club was a great way for everyone to hangout, have fun, and bond.

Finally, I conclude that Mr. L deserves this award more than any other teacher in Delaware. Mr. L has always been there for me and made my 8th grade year the best year of school that I’ve had. For kids that don’t get to have Mr. Lingenfelter as a teacher, and as a friend, I feel sorry for them because they are missing out on a great person.

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