Educator of the Year Nomination

April 28, 2011
By KaylaRenshaw BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
KaylaRenshaw BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
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An Educator has one of the most challenging, and underpaid jobs that you will ever come across. I mean who wants to be around moody kids all day? Not me that’s for sure. That is why I’m nominating my 8th grade teacher, Mr.Lingenfelter or as we called him Mr.L for Educator of the year. The subject he teaches is Social Studies, but it is way more than just social studies when he’s teaching the class. Learning is actually fun, and you actually want to learn more. Surprising coming from a 15 year old, isn’t it?

Social Studies was never really the class for me, I never had any interest in it and last year was no different. But when I walked into his classroom, everything changed. The walls are filled with everything, from posters about the 10 amendments, to posters of President Obama. Did I mention that there are posters hanging from the ceiling too? The first lesson we did was titled Coming to America, we worked in groups with other classmates and had to buy food, animals, and pick what land we wanted to buy with the money we had. Needless to say, it was a fun time.

But that doesn’t top the time when Mr. L dressed up as a judge with a wig and everything. Everything we did in that class had something to do with a type of hands on activity. He could always make us laugh with his witty remarks, and jokes that seemed to come out of nowhere. In Mr.L’s class your opinion was always welcome, it didn’t matter if you agreed or disagreed, and everyone was allowed to share what they believed. In another unit, How bills become Laws we got to write bills and present them to the class, then the class proceed to argue and share their opinions on what you wrote.

Mr.L was one of the most respected teachers because he was like one of us, he knew what to say to make us listen. You’d very rarely find yourself bored in that class because something was always going on. We even had a candlelit dinner at the end of one of our lessons. The last lesson we did was on the death of John F. Kennedy, we all had to write a paper on what we theory we believed. I remember Mr.L wouldn’t tell us what theory he believed until the very end. He is probably the best teacher I’ve ever had.

I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t miss his class, because I do. There’s no other teacher out there that could compare to Mr.L, because he really does care about what he does. He cares about his students and treats us like were his own kids, everyone was comfortable around him. I looked forward to his class every day because you never knew what to expect, or what would happen that day in class. Mr.L is the teacher that really deserves to win this title, he would appreciate it so much and I know that no other teacher could ever compare to him.

The author's comments:
Mr.Lingenfelter was one of the best teachers you could ever have. He really get's everyone involved and he creates a good enviorment to learn in.

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