My Educator of the Year Nominee

April 28, 2011
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I’m not sure if everyone has had a teacher that has made a huge impact on them, but when you have a teacher like I had last year, it really affects you. My teacher Mrs. Simon was someone I truly admire. She had so many attributes as a teacher that made her the best teacher I have ever had.

Mrs. Simon had an extraordinary way of teaching. She explained everything in depth so that I always completely understood. She constantly made sure everyone was following what she was saying, and she helped when they weren’t. The way Mrs. Simon taught seemed so natural to her. She made learning fun and simple. Every day I learned something new in my 8th grade English class.

Before eighth grade, I didn’t really think there was much you could do to explain something. Mrs. Simon however, always had a new way of teaching something. My favorite lesson that she taught was when she was telling us how to write. She used different ingredients in a giant bowl each one standing for something different. At the end, we all got a cupful. I always thought back to that lesson whenever I needed to write something, because it really stuck in my head.

Mrs. Simon seemed a lot different from the other teachers I had. There were a few teachers here and there that got along with their students well, but something was different about Mrs. Simon. She always seemed to not just get along with her students, but she seemed to actually have a connection with all of them. Mrs. Simon was just such a nice person, that she cared for everyone, and I really respect that. This made her a better teacher in my eyes, because I think that when you connect with someone, it’s easier to communicate with each other. Communication is definitely a big thing in teaching and learning, and Mrs. Simon no doubt topped the charts with that in my opinion.

My 8th grade English teacher, made a bigger impact on my life than I could ever have expected. She deserves this more than anyone else I could imagine. All of her aspects as a teacher add up to beyond perfect. Mrs. Simon was the best teacher, for many reasons, and there is no one that could take her place. I wouldn’t have chosen anyone else to have taught me. Thank you for considering my nominee for teacher of the year, Mrs. Simon.

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