My Educator of the Year

April 28, 2011
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When you are going into school, you think about who your teachers are going to be and what they are going to be like. You're hoping he/she isn't going to be rude or boring. You might want a teacher that you can talk to about things if your having a bad day. If you need help on an assignment, you want to be able to ask your teacher for help, so you don't want to feel nervous or scared upwards the teacher. The most important to me, is having. teacher with a sense of humor. There are so many characteristics you want in a teacher, but those are some of the most important ones to me.
At my old school, MOT Charter School, there were many teachers. The one I remember most was Mrs. Jefferson. I've known her for 3 years and I still haven't found a teacher better than her. She taught me so much about history and life. She's the teacher that stands up to me the most.
I think she's the best teacher to nominate for
many reasons. She would alway understand that everyone has bad days so if we did she would talk to us about it if we wanted to talk. If I needed to make my project better, I would go to her and she would help me. She is honestly just the best teacher I've had.
I think she is better than other teacher because she understands that school can be challenging. She doesn't give up on you if you don't understand something. To me, she's not just a teacher, she also a councilor. No one can be better than her.
Although there are many great teachers out there, she's the best. I still stay in contact with her and see her as a family friend. I know if I ever need help, I can go to her. I really hope she realizes how great of a teacher she is from this. For educator of the year, I nominate Mrs. Jefferson.

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