Educator of the Year: Gunny

April 28, 2011
By xXfrankieXx BRONZE, Wilimington, Delaware
xXfrankieXx BRONZE, Wilimington, Delaware
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Every year you have a contest to see who would be the Educator of the Year, and thousands of kids send in their letters to you explaining how their teacher is the best one out there. But, I would like to nominee a person who is better than a regular teacher, my Navel Science Instructor: Gunny.
I go to a military school and the reason why I want Gunny to be educator of the year is because he knows when to be serious and can also joke around, too, for example, when everyone is in the mess hall (that's our lunch room) people see him and go up to him and start talking to him almost like another friend.
Another reason why Gunny should be educator of the year is that he treats everyone at DMA like a family. He will always be friendly to everyone and you wont ever see him have a day where he doesn't talk to anyone.
The final reason why Gunny should be nominated is that he proves that even though u were in the military, you aren't a cold-hearted, mean person. Gunny is almost the opposite at our school. He can kid around a lot, but he's never mean.
These are just some of the many reason why I think that my Navel Science Instructor should be nominated for the educator of the year contest. And i hope that you can see, just as I do, that Gunny is one of the best teachers that I've had.

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