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April 28, 2011
By GetNoMoney BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
GetNoMoney BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
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Mr. Okneski (Mr. O) is my 9th grade American government teacher at the Delaware Military Academy. He is one of the funniest teachers I know. His style of teaching is very unique. He is loud and zany. An example of this is when he always makes jokes during class. He has the entire class engaged in learning because you don’t know when the next joke will be told.

Outside of parents, a teacher can play an important part in the development of students. Teachers can impact the life of a student when you least expect it. Mr. O has confidence in his students and inspires us to always do our best. He makes learning fun. His greatest impact on me is my desire to learn the current lesson so that I can give the correct answer in class to lessen the chance of a practical joke played on me during class.

Mr. O’s sense of humor is catchy. Just knowing you have class with Mr. O is something to look forward to. He has a passion in his teaching and takes pride in his students accomplishments. He has a way of taking a boring subject and turning it into a fun and interesting story.

Mr. O is a teacher who is dedicated to excellence. He supports his students by commending you for a correct answer. His favorite sayings include “it’s that simple”, “yes, very good” or “exactly”.

In conclusion, Mr. O is a teacher who takes his job seriously but teaches in a fun, zany way. I think my friends would agree that Mr. O should win the “Educator of the Year” contest. His teaching style, dedication to students, and willingness to help students achieve are qualities that should help him win this award.

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