Educator of the Year

April 28, 2011
My Educator of the Year is my middle school teacher Mr. Limmina. He really helped me through middle school. He was one of the funniest teachers I have had. Mr. Limmina was my favorite teacher through middle school. He wasn’t just a good teacher, he was great, and always will be for as long as he teaches.

Mr. Limmina was my teacher in middle school for 6th 7th and 8th grade. He also taught at the school I attend now, DMA. He wrote a recommendation letter to better my chances of getting into DMA. Mr. Limmina and my dad have known each other since they were kids. Mr. Limmina was a very good teacher.

I picked Mr. Limmina for many reasons. He has taught me a lot in the 3 years he taught me. Mr. Limmina was a funny teacher which made the class a lot more fun. Mr. Limmina was always in a good mood whenever we were around. He would always make jokes to make the class laugh, and it would make the class like him even more.

Mr. Limmina taught me for 3 years. He taught me social studies in 6th grade and math in 7th and 8th. Mr. Limmina was a very good social studies teacher but an even better math teacher. He helped me with math whenever I needed it, and he always helped me with the answers on stuff after we went over them so I understood them. He would always ask me if I understood and made sure I was paying attention in class. He would always help me with homework and schoolwork. He was overall a great guy.

Mr. Limmina was a great teacher, and he taught me plenty over the 3 years he taught me. I am glad to have had the opportunity to have him as a teacher. I will always remember Mr. Limmina as the funniest teacher I have had. He is hands-down the best educator I’ve ever had. I hope he wins Educator of the Year, he deserves it.

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