April 28, 2011
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In middle school we had an exelerated reader program, and at the time I was not a good reader at all and I would always fail english because of this program. When I got to 8th grade there was a teacher named mrs. Simon who helped me through the year and made me into the reader I am
I went into 8th grade and refused to read any books and mrs simon helped me find books that she thought I would be interested in and eventualy I started likeing these books and I started reading more and more and my English grade went up a little every marking period.
Mrs simon never turned her back on me when I needed help with something in class or homework and wen I didn’t understand something she made it so that I could understand it. English would always be the subject that I hated most but when I knew that mrs simon was there I would be more than happy to go to her class.
The more I would go to her class the more I would be impelled to go read a book and the more I read the more I would want to go to English, it was a never ending cycle of reading for me and considering the reader I used to be before I got to 8th grade you would say mrs simon was a magician.
My English grades have always in better words been medeoker and I knew no matter how hard I tried every marking period they wouldn’t improve but mrs simon didn’t believe that she always said I as better than that and last marking period of 8th grade I receved an A in English and I knew it was because I had the best English teacher in the world I owe it all to her and without her I would still be failing English.

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