Educator of the Year

April 28, 2011
Through out my ten years of school there is one teacher who really stands out; her name is Mrs. Conte. She has some qualities I would like to share with you. Over the years I have found her to be funny, loving, kind, and caring.

Mrs. Conte's favorite words are “Honest to John”. She always says this when things are wrong or they are funny. I remember when another student would not stop talking and she yelled at him. When he started talking again, she said “Honest to John” that was the very first time I had ever heard her say this. When I made the smallest mistake, she yelled “Honest to John” and when I looked at my problem, she made me do it over again. Every time she would say “Honest to John” we new to behave or to get out of class because she had enough. She would say “Honest to John” and call me Nervous Nelly because my nerves were so bad during her class. When she would use the phrase “Honest to John” it made me smile on the inside, and thought this was a funny saying.

Her personality is caring and kind. I remember one time the first day of middle school; I had no idea where I was going and how to get to my class. Mrs. Conte was there, and she said "you keep going straight, and it is the first door on the right", it was the science room, when I arrived my teacher said "where have you been" and Mrs. Conte said” he got a little lost". One time when a kid fell down and cut his arm, she helped him to the nurse and made sure that he was going to be okay.

Mrs. Conte's religion classes were the best because you could express how you felt during class. One time during class we were talking about living and students were talking about how their lives are good and what they plan to do in the future. She came into the conversation, and she started to talk about her life. This class made me feel good about myself and the way I was living my life helping and caring about other people.

Mrs. Conte is the best religion teacher ever, and I think she deserves the Educator of the Year award because of all her hard work and effort every day. She helps students when they are in need. Thank you Mrs. Conte for the best three years of middle school. I am happy to nominate you for Educator of the Year.

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