EOY Nomination 2011: Ms. DeSalvo

April 28, 2011
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I did not need to think too hard about who I wanted to nominate for Educator of the Year, 2011. Ms. DeSalvo is the 9th grade math teacher at the Delaware Military Academy. She is by far the best teacher I have ever had, and I’m glad I got to have her as my teacher for freshman year. There are so many different things about Ms. DeSalvo that students at DMA love.

The best thing about Ms. DeSalvo is, obviously, that she is a great teacher. She is always willing to help any of her students that do not understand something. She even takes time out of her day during mini block or even after school to help any students having trouble. She tries to make sure all of the students understand the previous lessons, so that they’re not behind. Each of her lessons builds from the last.

Ms. DeSalvo is very dedicated to the school, and to her students. She is also very smart. She always knows what she’s talking about, and she knows how to put her lessons in different ways so that each of her students understands. You never feel like you can’t ask a question in her class.

I know that Ms. DeSalvo cares about teaching her students, and she tries to help the students understand how they did something wrong. Instead of marking an entire question wrong on a test/quiz/homework if you do get it wrong, she goes to see what you did wrong, where you did it wrong, how you did it wrong, explains it, then even gives you credit for what you DID do right. This shows she cares that her students actually learn how to solve the problems correctly. She also cares about helping her students with their grades in her class by giving them things at the end of the marking period that could help to improve their grade such as optional extra credit worth up to 200 points, a test or quiz that could put a last minute positive impact on their grade, and a notebook check that could be up to 150 points if done correctly.

Not only is Ms. DeSalvo a good teacher, but she is very nice, and patient with her students. She also tries to make class more interesting by doing things like finding songs about graphing. No student likes a boring teacher. These are the many reasons why I nominate Ms. DeSalvo for Educator of the Year.

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