The Teacher Who Made Government Class Interesting

April 28, 2011
By amanda andruzzi BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
amanda andruzzi BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
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Have you ever had a teacher who was just so boring that you wanted to stick a needle in your eye? Have you ever just been so bored in that teacher’s class where you dreaded going to the class every single day? There are many different types of teachers. Some teachers may be annoying, funny, very nice, quiet, monotone, sarcastic, and some are just plain mean. I guess that is there prerogative. Every teacher is unique in there own special way. I guess that’s what makes them, them. Even though you may not like all your teachers, I’m pretty sure there is always that one teacher who you love. Either they make you happy, you enjoy being around them, you think they are funny, or you might just like going to their class because you look up to them. Whatever the case is, there’s always that one teacher.

For me, learning about government and economics is such a boring thing to learn about. I never thought that class could or would be interesting. This year, my whole perspective of that class changed because of the teacher; his name is Mr. O’Kneski, or as we call him, Mr. O. Mr. O works at the Delaware Military Academy, and he is my government and economics teacher. He is such a good teacher. The way he teaches is so interesting. Most of the time, he is very sarcastic as he is doing it, but other times, he lectures us with the notes of the day.

I believe that Mr. O is like no other teacher; he is unique in his very own way. Mr. O is one of the funniest people I have ever met. He always says the funniest things which make everyone laugh all the time. Also, Mr. O is very sarcastic. He always jokes around with the students, and says funny things about politicians. For example, Mr. O strongly dislikes Christine O’Donnell. He always says that he thinks she is a witch and so on. It is just so funny to hear him talk about these things. Another characteristic of Mr. O that I really like is that he is very nice and kind to me. Whenever I need help, I know that I can ask him a question and he will help me. I also really love how Mr. O smiles and laughs. It is such a different smile. It’s great! The funniest thing about Mr. O is that he “knows” that he is always right. Every time we have a debate or discussion in class, Mr. O is always right. It is the funniest thing to sit and watch. Also, when somebody corrects him for a mistake that he said, he will always say, “Yeah, that’s what I said.” I just love his personality!

Unlike Mr. O, some teachers have no funny bone in their bodies. When we are in class, Mr. O says some of the most amusing things. When we are taking a test, and you are confused about an answer, or you are asking if the answer is somewhat about what he is talking about, Mr. O, for example, will be like, “Well Amanda, why don’t you just scoot over and we can share our answers together!” This comment will be followed by one of his hilarious smiles. It makes me laugh every time. When he is teaching you the lesson of the day and somebody raises their hand and says, “I have a question”, Mr. O almost always says, “Yes, so and so, that’s why you’re there and I’m here.” It’s so funny hearing him say it!

It’s great having positive feelings toward one of your teachers. I believe that it builds better relationships and that you are more comfortable in that class. Mr. O makes me feel happy, and I do not mind coming to his class. I actually love it! He is so fun! Also, I am not afraid of Mr. O. Some people are afraid of their teachers, but with Mr. O there is nothing to be afraid of. Being around Mr. O also makes me feel cheerful. He has such a great personality; it makes me feel happy.

Teachers will come and go, but there will always be that one that you will always remember. In my life, Mr. O’Kneski is the teacher that I will always remember. He has made this year great for me. I will never forget my 9th grade government and economics teacher, Mr. O’Kneski…my nomination for Teen Ink’s 2011 Educator of the Year.

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