EOY Nomination 2011: Miss Fowler

April 28, 2011
There are some people in your life that truly touch you in a way that you never thought was possible. Sometimes these people are related to you, like a brother or sister, or they can be a best friend, but in some cases, they can be a teacher. Miss. Fowler was my 8th grade English teacher; she was and still is the best English teacher that I have ever had. She taught me everything I know about grammar and writing in a way that most people might find strange. She made fun songs and rhymes to help us remember what she taught, like the preposition song, the helping verbs song, and the famous song from the book Animal Farm. Even though it might sound silly, it worked for our class in a way that you cannot imagine. Miss. Fowler should be crowned Educator of the Year because she was a down to earth teacher, she was open to her students, and she taught in a way that helped her students understand the material.

First Miss Fowler was a down to earth teacher. She always worked around her student’s schedules instead of making them work around her schedule. Miss. Fowler understood that she was not the only teacher in the school, and that students had other work and assignments besides the ones that she gave. She would change the date of a test or a quiz if she saw that a majority of the class had two or more that day already. Miss. Fowler cared about her students and would never move on if the class was struggling. She would give individual help before and after school for students that needed extra help. When a student just did not understand, she would not give up or just expect them to find out on their own; she would work with them. She was not a teacher that just taught material because it was her job; she wanted her students to get what she was talking about no matter how long it took.

Next Miss. Fowler was an open teacher. She was never afraid to talk about her life or the things that she was going through. Because of this, she became more than just a teacher; she became a friend. Some students, myself included, would come to her during study halls to talk about family issues and everyday problems that we were going through. She was like a big sister to all the girls in her classes; she would never send us away when we were upset or in trouble. When she was around, there was no need for guidance consular because she listened better than anyone else could. She loved us as if we were her children and told us that we acted better than her children did most of the time too.

Finally, Miss Fowler made up fun games and songs to help us remember every thing that she taught us. English is not the easiest subject for most students; with all the grammar and writing rules it can be as confusing as 12th grade calculus. Therefore, Miss Fowler made up her own special way of teaching it, by using songs and games. The most famous songs that she taught were the preposition song, the helping verb song, and the song from the book Animal Farm. She would make us sing the songs almost everyday, and surprisingly we all found ourselves humming them during tests and quizzes. Even though it has been almost two years since I have had her class, I can still remember the songs by heart. “About, above, across, after, along, among, around, at, before, beside, between, against, within, without, beneath, through, during, under, in, into, over, off, of, to, towards, up, on, near, for, from, except, by, with, behind, below, down!” That was the famous preposition song that we sang to the tune of Yankee Doodle.

Miss Fowler will probably always be the best English teacher I ever have. She deserves to be the Educator of the Year because she is a down to earth teacher, was open with her students, and had the best way of teaching her students. I have so many wonderful memories from her class that I will not ever forget. I wish the judges that will read this essay could sit just one day in her class, because then they would know exactly how amazing Miss. Fowler is as a teacher and a person.

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