Mrs. Suchyj, Math and History

April 28, 2011
By Nick Brams BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
Nick Brams BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
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A true teacher is someone who you can look up to and trust. My educator is exactly that. Mrs. Suchyj has been a great mentor to me throughout my middle school years, and especially my eighth grade year.

To begin with, she has the most profound knowledge of her students that I have ever seen! Teachers should interact with the parents as well as the students, and she did just that. It really helped when you had an issue that needed to be resolved. If there was a problem that arose outside of the classroom, I could always go to her and explain my situation. I could always go to her and tell her something that nobody else is aware of, and that is one of the big reasons I am nominating her. Additionally, her lessons were very exciting and informative. She would sometimes use occurrences from her personal life to get a point across, and it really worked! If she was teaching a serious topic, there would always be a joke here and there, but she knew when to be serious. I could always ask for help when I was having trouble with a concept in math or history, and she would immediately help me.

Next, she has been a huge inspiration to me in a lot of things that I do. Whenever I was in doubt, she always pushed me to try my best and to never give up. It really helped when I had to choose a high school. I always make mistakes, and she helped me learn from them, and find something good in just about all of them. Then, she and our 8th grade class formed a bond that will be very hard to break. When the reality that we were all going to go our separate ways after graduation sunk in, she was with us every step of the way.

Additionally, she is a very exciting, bubbly, and vibrant person. We got involved in service projects such as working with our kindergarten buddies. Every Wednesday, our class would work on everything from motor skills to just having a conversation with them. She is also a good mentor, and coaches at the YMCA in her free time. Adding to that, our graduation ceremony was a sad thing, but it made us realize how close we all had gotten throughout the years. She let certain people put together reflections about the year, and let them speak their minds. No matter how fearful of what the future held, there was always reassurance that we would succeed in high school.

In conclusion, Mrs. Suchyj has been a big inspiration to me in the academic life and in line in general. To be honest, she has had a big impact on how I make my decisions now. She had a famous quote that said, “If you learn nothing else this year, remember the little things.” I’ll always have that quote stuck in my head! She should be Educator of the Year for all these reasons and many more to come.

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