Educator of the Year: Mr John Okneski

April 28, 2011
By Alex Somelofske BRONZE, Middletown, Delaware
Alex Somelofske BRONZE, Middletown, Delaware
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Have you ever had a teacher who is hilarious, yet still keeps you on topic at the same time? Not many people have. At The Delaware Military Academy, they have a ninth grade government teacher who does just that. He is a very fun teacher who knows how to teach, loves his job and strives to be the best that he can at it. Mr. Okneski loves his job, he has fun, and is what I picture a “perfect teacher“.

Mr. Okneski really takes pride in what he does. He strives to be the best teacher he can possibly be. He is always trying to be innovative and do something new to make us understand the content he is teaching. He is always updated on the U.S. Government. He has us read current events every week, and we always have class discussions about what is going on in society.

When I usually go into a classroom, I think, “just another boring class I have to go through.” But when I walk into Mr. Okneski’s room, I get excited. I always know it will be a fun class. He has the funniest jokes and a really good sense of humor. All the students love him. You will always have students stop by to greet him just because when you are in the room, you are guaranteed a fun time. During the summer, I would always ask graduates and older cadets who was the best teacher, and they all said Mr. Okneski.

Do you ever take notes and are totally unsure what to write? I know exactly what to write when I am in Mr. Okneski’s class. He makes clear what to write without giving you the exact answers. When he asks questions, he makes us think hard and pushes us to get the right answer without being told. He will always be remembered. He teaches so differently and uniquely. He will often let us discuss our views and what we as the students think.

This man loves his job, he is hilarious, and he is a tremendous teacher. He has had a great impact on my life, not only from an education standpoint, but his views on the world and on life. He is the best teacher I have ever had, and when I am old and gray, I will remember Mr. Okneski, which is why I’m nominating him for Teen Ink’s Educator of the Year award; He’s Awesome.

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